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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  June 1, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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[cheers and applause] >> could this be the best city yet? >> bah! >> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> no power, no air conditioning. some people still suffering through this heat wave as crews work to restore electricity. we'll have the latest. plus, a quiet community is rattled by the death of a 12-year-old girl. tonight, neighbors are speaking out as police try to close the case. >> and a photo flap involving a us congressman getting more interesting tonight. what he had to say about the social media scandal. i'm laura evans in for shawn. >> and i'm brian bolter. we'll begin with a developing story in the district. hundreds of dc residents are still in the dark for a second straight night as crews work to restore power in this heat wave. pepco says about 2300 customers are waiting for the electricity
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to come back on. the company hopes to have the power restored by midnight. fox 5's will thomas live in the northeast at an apartment complex where residents have had just about enough of this, will. >> you certainly have taken exactly their sentiment and put it into words at the top of our broadcast, brian. that's exactly what we're hearing and sometimes not quite as polite as what you just said. i do have potentially some good news, and it's this. literally moments ago, some of the dc government office buildings in this affected area have been turned back on. a pepco worker moments ago said the work they were doing over there has been completed and it's good to go. let me tell you about this place. it's called tyler house. hundreds of units. these people have been affected without power. these are the hundreds, if not thousands of people, that have been waiting. you have hundreds of customers, depending on how many people are in each unit and you can sort of do the math. they are frustrated. dc fire and ems transported four
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people today. we're told they had preexisting conditions that were made worse by the heat. right now, what everyone is waiting for inside that building are these pepco crews. here's more. even at night fall wednesday there's little relief of the blistering heat. >> hats, it's frustrating. it's bad. >> the food is spoiling. there's over 800 units in there so i don't know if they're getting to all the people, all the seniors, there's some disabled people, bed-ridden people. >> reporter: dc firefighters are maintaining a presence over the affected apartments on north capitol street. fans are set up in the lobby and run off generators, and that's not all. >> every two hours we send different crews to each floor to check on the residents. >> reporter: what's it like inside? >> hot, really hot. and there's no breeze so it's like really unbearable. >> it's too much. like it's really hot. there's no air conditioning. the food is going bad. there's nothing to eat. >> reporter: some families, especially with small children,
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are staying with relatives or friends. >> it just feels like i was going to explode. >> reporter: it was that hot? >> yes. it felt like i was baking. >> reporter: metro busses are being used around the corner to keep people cool and walker jones just around the corner is a 24-hour shelter. >> we've been working with the department on aging, department of health, department of mental health, and the office of volunteerism, all of those offices have come together to make sure if there are any needs presented in these communities, that we're out there addressing those needs first-hand. >> reporter: for a second day, png crews are at northeast where two underground feeder lines became damaged. these feeder or transmission lines supply power to thousands of customers. again, just moments ago, some of the lights at the nearby office buildings went on and what we're noticing are some of the lights coming on here inside tyler
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house where all the thousands of affected customers have been waiting for pepco to restore power. slowly but surely we are seeing lights go on. moments ago i spoke with a pepco spokesperson. we're getting our information from some of the crews on the scene, so it takes awhile. coming up on the news edge at 11:00 we may have another update and potentially good news. let me tell you that walker jones shelter had 26 people spend the night last night. today, they said they're prepared for up to 75 people overnight, but it's looking like this may be over very soon. brian, back to you. >> it won't be soon enough we know that. will thomas tonight. the good news is we are starting to feel a break from the heat wave. here's some live pictures out of northwest dc. nasty storms that moved through our area this evening put a dent into those record temperatures we hit today. sue palka is live in the weather center. sue, how hot did it get today? >> are you ready for this, laura? 98 degrees.
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again, we're in the record books. you're right, the storms are the first good sign we've had in awhile. unfortunately they came through with a lot of hail and gusty winds. even hail to the size of golf balls in several locations, especially to the south and pretty big hail in prince georges county as well. let me show you on radar. maybe you didn't see these in northern portions of montgomery county or frederick or cumberland. there they go moving on through, but if you've been outside in the district, it doesn't feel a lot better yet. that's because the front is still to the west. it's literally right at hagerstown door and it's coming through overnight. you're going to feel a huge difference in the humidity in the morning. meanwhile, 98 did break the record at reagan. we're in the record books at dulles at 95 and bwi marshal 98 degrees. temperature right now is down to 83. i know it doesn't sound so great. the humidity is still high in the city but that will be changing hour by hour, and look
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at the seven days we see out to the west. things will be getting better. you don't need to see those temperatures again but overnight you'll start to see that temperature really dropping as our frontal system is moving on through, laura, and it is going to take that hot weather. it's going to be warm tomorrow but it's not going to be in the upper 90es and you'll notice a refreshing difference in the humidity. more on the rest of the forecast, including the weekend when i join you upstairs. >> the 70s out west look real good. thanks, sue. we're getting incredible pictures from springfield, not illinois. this is springfield, massachusetts, where two tornados touched down this afternoon. the twrivters ripped through the city toppling trees, smashing windows and cars, downing power lines. several hundred homes were damaged. city leaders say at least four people were killed and many others injured. residents have been told to stay off the road to allow emergency workers to do their jobs. the latest on the terrible
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destruction in joplin missouri say everyone reported missing after the tornado has been accounted for. the official death toll stands at 134. however, authorities caution that could go up since a number of people are still hospitalized in critical condition right now. the twister damaged or destroyed more than 8,000 homes and apartments and more than 500 commercial buildings. . friends and neighbors are waiting for investigators now to find out exactly what really did happen to a 12-year-old gaithersburg girl. jessica nguyen was found dead in the basement of a raven avenue home. police will only tell us that her body showed signs of trauma. fox 5's wisdom martin has been going through this investigation from top to bottom. wisdom. >> reporter: this is still an ongoing investigation but we saw today police were out working the crime scene. meanwhile we talked to neighbors who were still coming to grips with what happened to their young neighbor.
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as police investigate the murder of 12-year-old jessica nguyen, neighbors are trying to figure out how something so violent could happen in their community. >> it's like oh, my god, that just happened right there. it's just shocking. >> i would see her on the playground playing with the kids, you know, nice young girl, you know, but it's just sad and unfortunate what actually happened to her. >> reporter: alexis peneda left a stuffed animal and balloon in front of her best friend's house today. >> me and her would share everything together, like pretty much everything. >> reporter: nguyen was found dead in her gaithersburg home tuesday night. the death has been ruled a homicide. >> there is trauma to her upper body. i can't comment at this time about what type of trauma. >> reporter: a lot of the people in the neighborhood say they didn't know much about the family. they kept to themselves, but knowing a little girl was killed in this home is clearly disturbing. >> i can't believe it, i mean, she's just a child. for that to happen in this
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family neighborhood, you know, you see people walking around with their kids and dogs and riding bikes all the time. it's just jaw-dropping. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the montgomery county schools says that counselors were brought to gaithersburg middle school today. that's where jessica was a student. friends say she was on the honor roll there. brian. >> wisdom martin tonight. new details out tonight about those faulty breathalyzer tests, and there was testimony in front of the dc city council today. paul wagner has been following this. paul, i understand drunk driving arrests are way down. meanwhile, the urine tests are said to be unreliable. >> reporter: surprising testimony from the chief toxicologist who actually told the city council that these tests are not reliable. they cannot measure the actual blood alcohol content of a suspected drunk driver and that the actual numbers can fluctuate 40% either way. despite that, the deputy attorney general testified that these numbers are being used in court as evidence, and the cases
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are being prosecuted. the district of columbia abandoned the use of its breathalyzer machines last february when questions were raised about their accuracy. officers were told instead to collect urine samples. a testing procedure that produces inaccurate results. >> if you're going to look at urine concentrations of alcohol in science, there is a very loose correlation. there has been several studies done on it, but currently, if you're just voiding your urine or urinating into a cup, the alcohol does not correlate to a blood concentration. it could be much higher, as much as 40% higher. >> reporter: even so, the results are being used in court, as we hear in this exchange between phil mendleson, the chairman of the judiciary committee and the deputy attorney general. >> now, we are using urine tests for prosecutions. >> yes, sir. >> both for trial as well as for
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pleadings? >> yes, sir. >> and are you having problems with those prosecutions? >> no, sir. >> reporter: but mendleson asked how many prosecutions and how many convictions, robert hillman didn't have the numbers. testimony also revealed the district is still at least nine months away from putting a new alcohol testing program in place. the medical examiner's office will run it and the city is still a week away from applying for a grant to help fund it. much of it, news that didn't sit well with the committee chairman. >> we basically wasted a year with nothing happening other than this program, which is key to drunk driving enforcement, just going into decline. but it looks like finally the government's turning this around. i wish it would happen faster. >> reporter: police chairman chris bawman was less kind. >> the office of the attorney general has absolutely no business handling criminal cases in the district. i think that's very clear.
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they can go back to being the office of corporation council and handling civil cases but this is not a serious organization. it's not an agency that should be handling anything in the criminal realm. >> reporter: robert hildam admitted his office is overwhelmed with kwoshg and has high case loads. even though they're not reliable to test the alcohol blood alcohol content of the suspected drunk driver, there's one positive aspect of this, you can actually test for drugs when you use urine tests and they found 12% of suspected drunk drivers were on pcp. they said in the testimony that those numbers are actually pretty high when you compare it to numbers in other cities, the pcp levels. >> incredible how this story has developed in so many ways. >> reporter: it's fascinating to watch how this has developed and how they've continued to
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cause more and more trouble and the district cannot get it together to get this program in place and we're looking like almost nine to ten months now away from actually getting it back into place. >> wow. paul wagner, thanks very much. brian back to you. a us congressman caught up in a twitter fiasco. who sent that lewd photo from his account? and who's the photo of? find out what he's saying. and the nation's debt crisis. we'll tell you what came out of a meeting at the white house. and the dow took a dive. find out what lead to the rough day on wall street. we're back.
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>> all right. two sentences here. the first, congressman anthony weiner says someone definitely hacked into his personal twitter account posting a graphic photo. but as fox news correspondent shannon breem reports, the congressman is not denying whether that's him in the photo.
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>> reporter: he says without a doubt he did not tweet a photo of a man in his underwaiver. it was sent from his personal account to a female college student and was deleted moments later. >> i was tweeting at the time. i was the one who saw it. i took it down. i laughed it off. >> reporter: but the congressman is no longer laughing as questions persist about who sent the lewd photo. >> this is something that could happen on i think friday or saturday. already today, we would have known where it was coming from and some information around where that culprit may be located. >> is this twitter picture in question? >> a picture of you? >> well, let's remember this twitter picture in question is a hack or a prank that someone posted on my twitter page with someone else's name in it who says she never got it and doesn't know me and i don't know her. >> reporter: but if asked if he could say without question he was the person in the photo, he says only. >> we're not saying anything definitively. i know pictures get manipulated
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and dropped into accounts. >> reporter: weiner says he won't spend taxpayer dollars to investigate the source and many remain skeptical. >> how does he not know what his own drawers look like? that was the question. >> fair enough. >> i've tried to answer this for you several times. >> reporter: congressman weiner says he will contact law enforcement if investigators determine there has been criminal activity. but it's likely just a prank by someone trying to distract him from his work. in washington, fox news. >> joining us on his take on congressman weiner's scandal is jason malony from strategic communication. thanks for coming in. congressman weiner is a combative cable news darling and will go toe to toe with anybody and is exactly why he looks guilty with these weird half denials. >> correct, ryan. in fact, he does look guilty because he's not answering the questions put to him. >> how about this line from representative weiner, he can't,
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quote, with certitude say that this picture isn't him. how many americans have waste down photos of themselves in gray boxer briefs floating around on the internet, much less a congressman. >> probably more americans than you believe and certainly more congressman as you could probably imagine have these kinds of pictures out there. this is the second congressman in five months we're talking about who's caught up in an internet scandal with inappropriate pictures or perhaps inappropriate pictures online. it's perhaps a problem that the fbi should be investigating. >> a lot of people feel like anthony weiner is just doing more damage and i think this goes back to my first question to you which is he's used to talking, you know, through people, over people, around people. i think that's his combative style. do you get the sense here that he feels like he can talk his way out of anything and maybe he's not doing that in this case? he's digging himself a deeper hole? >> absolutely he feels he can talk his way out of this. but in a crisis, actions speak
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louder than words and he can do any number of things, such as bring in any independent body, not a law firm but some sort of law enforcement organization to look into it. that would be a far bolder step and a far more reassuring step that somebody soon will get to the bottom of this. instead, he's chosen to dance. i think he's going to be taking on many dekanyo in a couple of weeks because he's bobbing and weaving so well. frankly, he can do much more by taking direct action rather than talking through the situation. >> like what direct action, shut up? stop talking? or something else? >> stop talking. because this could become a legal matter and he doesn't want to be talking to reporters. instead, he could contact the fbi, have them look into the matter and they could get to the bottom through forensic evidence of where the photo came from, where it originated from and who perhaps may have hacked his account. >> i think we're all waiting for either this amazing revelation that's going to come to light or
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this spectacular failure on his part, and i guess we're hoping for the best for him and anthony weiner and we'll have to see how he comes through all of this. jason maloney, thanks for coming in tonight. >> thank you, brian. house republicans are standing firm tonight demanding big spending cuts before they approve an increase in the nation's debt ceiling. house gop members met with president obama at the white house today but tonight republicans are still demanding sweeping changes to medicare and medicaid, and democrats are venting their frustration. >> well, what we face, for every dollar that the president wants to raise the debt limit we need to cut more than a dollar worth of spending. it's simple. >> we're playing russian roulette and the american economy will be on the receiving end of that pistol shot. >> time is an issue too. august 2 is the deadline for lawmakers to raise the debt ceiling that is currently just under $14.3 trillion. rough day on wall street.
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the dow jones fell 283 points today. erasing more than a quarter of the stock market's gains for the year. analysts say the fears of the economy stalling causes investors to pull back from the market. two new reports cast down on the recovery. manufacturing fell, only 38,000 jobs were created last month. analysts had predicted 180,000 jobs would be added. he's known for being a budget hawk but now a republican governor is being called a hypocrite by democrats. find out why he's catching so much grief. the governor of florida signing a controversial bill into law. we're going to tell you what kind of test is now required for those seeking welfare. rexct e 
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>> new jersey governor crist christy is in hot water tonight for using a state helicopter to get to his son's baseball game. cristie and his wife were on the chopper which cost about $2500
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an hour, but the state police superintendent said this trip did not cost anything extra because the pilots have to put in extra flying time anyway. well, cristie's spokesperson says there was nothing inappropriate or illegal about the trip, which got the couple to the diamond just in time for the game. florida residents applying for welfare must now undergo a drug test. governor rick scott signed the bill into law yesterday. it aims to increase personal accountability and stop drug addiction while providing to needy children. some say it intrudes over people's private laws. dc residents are trying to convince council members to approve a redistricting plan. find out why some say their neighborhoods are being torn apart. a local principal accused of tampering with grades will be walking the halls again in the fall.
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>> speaking out to save their neighborhoods, an issue many on capitol hill are passionate about, a proposed redistricting map will move thousands out of ward 6 to ward 7. those in charge were asked to reconsider. matt ackland was down at city hall. >> reporter: that meeting continues tonight as we speak and we're hearing it could go on a few more hours. one council member said that redistricting brings out the worst in people. a lot of mean things have been said recently but by law, this has to be done, and it's making many people upset. >> one hill, one voice! >>reporter: it began outside the wilson building before the public hearing even got underway. mostly ward 6 residents are upset. many who gather for this protest lives east of 17th street which
10:31 pm
will be moved into ward 7 under this new redistricting plan. >> this topic has gotten hot so i'm issuing a political heat advisory. >> reporter: the committee was nearly full, a long list of people signed up to speak. >> we have over 100 witnesses, maybe 150 witnesses or something like that, and so we're going to be here for a long time. >> reporter: council member tommy wells has fought hard against this new proposed map that will slice off a section of his ward. last week, he led this march on capitol hill. ward 7 councilmember yvette alexander will likely acquire many of well's constituents and she admits this process has been difficult. >> there has been a lot of contention, a lot of reservation, a lot of disappointment. >> reporter: former ward 6 council member sharon ambros was on the redistricting committee a decade ago. she says she even faced a recall effort for her tough decision, but she urged the committee to take another look and to listen
10:32 pm
to residents who are so passionate about where they live. >> it's not an easy task. feelings are going to be hurt, communities are going to be disrupted. but there are fairer ways to do it. >> reporter: all right. once again, public comment is expected to continue tonight, maybe for a couple of hours. the committee could make some changes, but major changes are not expected. remember, the full council has to proposed on the proposed map before the new boards are officially established, brian. dc says china town is safer because of officer presence and community bonds, and are being accredited for the drop in crime. there are 12 officers assigned to a china town patrol. metro police and part-time security officers are also helping out in the area. police began an extra focus on china town in 2009 after receiving complaints from the area. mckinley principal is getting his job back, even
10:33 pm
though david pender is the subject of two ongoing investigation. he's been on administrative leave and today the schools released this statement: the investigations repeated did not substantiate a finding that principal pender should be removed from his position. as such, we anticipate he will run to lead mckinley next school year. one of the ongoing investigations is looking into allegations that pender tampered with grades. a new maryland law giving some illegal immigrants in-state college tuition gathered signatures in a petition drive tonight. the group turned in more than 62,000 signatures last night. that's more than the 56,000 needed to put the issue on the 2012 ballot. the board of elections has until june 20 to verify signatures. the debate continues over r. the big question tonight, will metro's new station at the airport go above or below ground and how much will it all cost? today, transportation secretary
10:34 pm
ray lahood stepped in. john henrehan has the details. >> reporter: phase 1 of the project to build a new metro line in virginia is well under way. the problem is growing costs and financing plans for phase 2 to dulles airport. tolls on the dulles toll read are supposed to pay for much of the project but a financial analyst has told the authority which is building the extension that in the worst case scenario by 2020, one-way tolls on that roadway could be nearly $11 a trip. virginia's congressional delegation and many local leaders are appalled at that prospect, and louden county is considering whether to pull out of the project altogether. >> rail is very important to louden county, but at the end of the day, we have to make sure that there is reasonableness in the cost and particularly to the users of the toll road. >> reporter: so secretary of transportation ray lahood asked the various stakeholders to come to a meeting. included were members of the airport's authority board, which
10:35 pm
has decided to build a more expensive underground station at dulles airport rather than a less expensive above-ground station further from the terminal. board member maim riley has been particularly firm about not revisiting that decision, but after the meeting with the transportation secretary, riley's position softened slightly. >> and everything is open for discussion. >> everything is open? >> everything is open for discussion. >> reporter: congressman jerry conley also found flexibility at the table. >> i sense that all parties at the table understood they need to be flexible and to be open to reexamining previous assumptions in order to move the project forward successfully, and everybody expressed commitment to that. >> reporter: no decisions were made at the meeting, but everything, including the more expensive station option at dulles airport, everything appears to be on the table. secretary lahood wants a firm estimate on the cost of the rail project and a financing plan. he wants them fast in 30 days.
10:36 pm
john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> another family member testifies in a high-profile murder trial. coming up at 10:45, what casey anthony's brother had to say about his sister's parenting skills. he waves the gun at one of my children so after he walked out of the bank, i followed him out here. >> a father stops a bank robber in his tracks. find out why he says he has no fear. but first, business with liz mcdonald. >> shocking news in the economy sending shock waves through the stock market. a warning from america's job creators ahead of friday's jobs reports, private businesses adding just 38,000 new jobs last month, falling well below expectations. american factories are not as busy. the manufacturing sector growing at its slowest pace since september 2009. all of this adding up to big losses on wall street. stocks getting hammered on
10:37 pm
wednesday. meantime, general motors stalling, sales dropping last month for the bailed out auto maker. a drop in pickup sales pulling down the numbers. and toyota's green car might have some of its drivers seeing red. steering problems forcing the auto maker to recall over 100,000 first generation priuses. coca-cola looking to drink up more businesses in china. the american icon looking to put its stock and raise money on the shanghai stock exchange. construction spending rising in april boosted by home improvement projects. and that's business, i'm liz mcdonald.  the kincaids live here.
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>> millions of americans are still waiting to get their tax refund, but some checks may end up in other people's hands. that's because identity theft is on the rise. the internal revenue service is dealing with nearly five fold increases in identity theft over the past couple of years. more than 248,000 cases of identity theft were reported last year compared with nearly 52,000 in 2008. the report found many of the thieves never get prosecuted. he's had guns pointed in his face before so when a bank robber aimed his weapon at staff sergeant #edie peoples, peoples didn't flinch. he walked into a bank yesterday, had two his kids with him and quickly realized there was a gun man holding up the place. peoples jumped into his van and cornered the guy. the robber pointed his gun at peoples but he just wrestled it away and pinned the suspect to the ground. >> every time i get in with my
10:42 pm
children i tell them i'm going to fight the bad men. so every time i go into the bank my oldest boy said did you get the bad man? i said yep. i got the bad man. >> he's a military vet deployed five times and currently stationed in italy. coming up new tonight on the news edge at 11:00, for the first time, a passenger in this horrific bus crash is giving the first-hand account of the incident. plus, the warnings of a traffic nightmare in virginia finally may have fallen on somebody who will listen and now the military may have opened its ears. the signs that the disaster may be averted at 11:00. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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>> more courtroom drama over the disappearance and death of a florida toddler. today, jurors heard more audio tapes and another key witness for the state took the stand. casey's brother, lee anthony testified, but did he help the
10:46 pm
prosecution or the defense team? fox's gloria gomez has the latest. >> reporter: the defense called it a dirty family secret that george and lee anthony had sexually abused casey growing up. >> casey has a brother, and he too wanted to follow in his father's foot steps. and on certain occasions when he was a teenager, he attempted to also touch his sister. >> reporter: eight days after those stunning allegations, lee anthony takes the stand. >> lee anthony. >> reporter: and surprisingly, prosecutors never bring it up. >> caylee was missing, that someone had kidnapped her. >> reporter: instead, prosecutors tried to show the jury casey was a party girl who didn't want the responsibility of motherhood. lee remembers his mother cindy was critical of casey's parenting skills. >> my mother had numerous times
10:47 pm
thrown it in her face, in my sister's face, that casey was an unfit mother for caylee. and that casey says maybe i am. and i went on to say that my mother had also referenced caylee as being a mistake. but a great mistake or the best mistake casey has ever made. >> reporter: during some of lee's time on the stand, lee suffered a sudden lapse in memory, at times appearing either confused or forgetful. >> i don't recall. i don't recall the exact words. i don't remember. i don't recall, no. >> reporter: later, the lead
10:48 pm
detective in the case testified. jerry mellic said he gave casey an opportunity to change her story, but casey said she was telling the truth. caylee, she said, had been kidnapped by the nanny. the audiotapes of the interview was played for the jury. >> she took your child without your permission and hasn't returned her. >> she was the last person with my daughter, yes. >> reporter: gloria gomez, fox news. >> during the investigation, the defense team is hoping to undermine the lead very's credibility by claiming he blogd about the case on line and therefore should not be believed. we're all breathing a sigh of relief that it's actually cooling down and that the storms didn't get more damaging today. >> there was a lot of hail but you're right, we didn't have what they had in massachusetts, for example, which was all part of the same simple, four fatalities in massachusetts
10:49 pm
tonight. we missed out on that and the hail. don't be shocked if you're out tonight, it might not feel that low in the humidity department but it is going to be in the morning. it's getting a lot better. dew points are dropping to the north. temperatures will follow. is it going to be cool tomorrow? no. is it going to be much more refreshing? absolutely and i think you'll feel a big difference when you step outside, and we need to feel a big difference. at one point today, fredricksburg, virginia, had a heat index of 110 degrees. and it's june 1. the humidity is going to be dropping overnight. the temperatures tomorrow will be much more reasonable in the mid-80s. i wanted you to see that we did have some big storms and some severe storms go by but the big problem tonight would appear to be hail and some of the hail stones are large, almost to golf balls, across virginia and prince georges county, and 1-inch hail reported at reagan international airport tonight. that is going away and we will not see a repeat of thunderstorms tomorrow. by the way, i wanted you to see it's part of the same line that went through massachusetts.
10:50 pm
there was even a report of baseball-sized hail in vermont and very bad storms in maine tonight. so it had a wide reach into the midatlantic, and part of the problem is this heat. these records go back into the late 1800s. and reagan also breaking a record. that's three days in a row for some of these spots to break records. the heat is getting pushed away. the front is not kwooi quite to dc. it will be coming through overnight and we'll see it pushing all of this heat out of here and again, it's not cool tomorrow, mid-80s, you'll still feel that, but compared to 98 today, that's going to feel so much better and what you'll really be talking about is that drop in humidity, the nice bright blue skies and a little bit of a refreshing breeze that will be out there as well. i want you to see the temperature still at 83 degrees. that's close to where we were last night. still 81 in hagerstown, but when we widen out the picture we see
10:51 pm
the cooler temperatures on the other side of the mountains and eventually that will trickle in overnight and overnight we'll drop to about 67 degrees. a lot less humid, dry and clear overnight. that continues tomorrow, a little on the breezy side, but not as hot and definitely less humid. our temperature, 86 degrees. that's still above average for this time of year. we should be closer to 80. sunny and a breezy thursday for us, a nice feeling day, 72 at 8:00 in the morning. by noon, about 82, and by 4:00, 85 degrees. so for the time being, we don't really have to chase any more storms. it could be an isolated storm on saturday, but temperatures mostly in the 80s. friday, i think looks particularly nice. 84 degrees, saturday 87 and sunday 88 degrees. and actually, both of the weekend days, we might see a spotty storm here and there as temperatures try to heat up just a little bit, but even so it's going to be quite delightful. great pool weekend, second weekend in a row for the kids to be able to check out the pool and i think they'll enjoy that. here is your five-day forecast.
10:52 pm
again, talking about the sp thet into temperatures that will be close to 87 degrees on monday, so it is definitely not the coolest streak we've had but certainly it beats what we've just been through. that was three days of intense heat and today is june 1, guys, the beginning of hurricane season, and that runs until november 30 and also expected to be an active season. so nothing out there yet. first storm up will be arlene. >> arlene. >> yes, a recycled name. >> looking forward to the weekend. >> me too. should be a good one. >> thanks, sue. he hasn't told his team yet, but it looks like shaquille o'neal is hanging up his basketball uniform. >> we did it. 19 years, baby. i'm telling you first, i'm about to retire. love you. talk to you soon. >> the 13-year-old center has been banged up and had some trouble putting in any playing time the last season. he only played 37 games.
10:53 pm
that video you just saw came out on his twitter page this afternoon. the celtics say they haven't heard about his plans to retire. not exactly the father-daughter moment you want caught on camera. this dad got a little too caught up on a dodger's game. keep your eye on the circle there. the man picks up his daughter and drops her to catch the ball and then doesn't even catch the ball. then he went to pick her up and she gives him an elbow. get out of here dad, you were picking him up and you think a baseball was worth that? and you steal it from my brother too? nice father-daughter moment. i'm sure there's a lot of kissing up in that family on his end. >> he's never going to live that one down either. they are described as a shrinking force. coming up next, we'll tell you what's fueling a doctor shortage here in the united states. and tonight, we're learning that the feds wanted to shut down a bus company involved in a deadly crash. all new at 11:00 you'll hear from someone who made it out
10:54 pm
alive. sachinin
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
it's like a . >> a massive e. coli outbreak in europe is worse than much thought. it's 1/3 higher than reported. 17 people have died from the food-borne illness. more than 1500 are sick. e. coli attacks the kidneyes and can cause seizures and strokes. it's a troubling trend in health care with baby boomers
10:58 pm
rapidly entering retirement age, there's a doctor shortage in america and getting worse, anita vogul tells us what's going on and why. >> reporter: they are described as a shrinking force, the dwindling numbers of medical students choosing to go into internal medicine. a recent study from the journal of the american medical association put the number at a poultry 2%. >> the primary care workload is heavy. it's not just taking care of the patients. it's taking care of a myriad thing the patients need, between refills, coordinating care with the hospital, coordinating care with specialties. >> reporter: long hours and low pay are the two big concerns cited among students and industry professionals. consider primary care and internal medicine doctors earn an average of just over 150,000 dollars a year. specialists like cardiologists and radiologists make two to three times that amount. ucla dermatology resident rajan
10:59 pm
cocarne says he chose to pursue dermatology because that was his passion. but students look at their student loans, which can top $300,000. >> with that kind of debt looming on future physicians, i think there are things that can be done, certainly increased compensation or some sort of loan repayment mechanism. >> reporter: doctors working in the trenches now say unless something is done, access to your own physician will be a luxury. >> if you wake up in the middle of the night and your 6-year-old has an asthma attack and they're not responding to the treatment, you have a need to talk to the doctor right away, and so if you don't have enough primary care doctors you're just going to have to go to the emergency room. >> reporter: under the new health care law more than 30,000 new patients will be fully ensured in the next few years, making the need for more primary care physicians even more acute. some dramatic proposals are being debated to help ease the problem, including making medical school free, to